Paklenica National Park

Paklenica National Park

Hiking and Climbing in Paklenica

Hiking is the only way to truly get to know Paklenica. The Park area contains 150-200 km of trails and paths, from those characterized as tourist trails – leading from Velika Paklenica canyon to Manita peć cave, Lugarnica foresters house and Paklenica Mountain hut, to those characterized as hiking trails – leading to the highest peaks of the Velebit Mountain.

While planning a route and while hiking, where possible, we recommend you to try out the Interactive hiking map of Croatia (developed by Croatian Mountaineering Federation) where you can download .gpx trace of every marked hiking trail: Interactive Hiking Map of Croatia

Due to its unique natural features, magnificent forests and extraordinary geomorphologic structures, the area of Velika and Mala Paklenica was proclaimed a national park in 1949. The main reason for proclaiming this area a national park was the protection of the largest and best preserved forest complex in the territory of Dalmatia, which was threatened by overexploitation. The Paklenica National Park stretches on the area of 95 km2, and includes the highest peaks of the Velebit Mountain – Vaganski vrh (1752 m a.s.l.) and Sveto brdo (1753 m a.s.l.).

It covers the area of torrent flows of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica, and their distinctive canyons carved vertically into the south slopes of Velebit.

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