House Rules


Dear guests, you have come to the facility that promises you a pleasant stay and family athmosphere

  • Your host guarantees, with his experience and care that you will have order, peace and a pleasant stay in the facility.
  • They will provide you with the necessary assistance with accommodation during your stay, respect the well-known customs and the usual standards in renting: apartments in the household. The host will prepare the atmosphere for you as regulated by the laws and established parameters of the categorization of our facility.
  • The price of services in our facility is publicly displayed and will not be different from the one that is displayed and determined (by contract or reservation), and includes: accommodation including kitchen, cold and hot water supply, electricity, air condition, wi-fi, changing laundry and small inventory, parking space, space for additional equipment according to our category.
  • In order for you and your friends to have a pleasant stay, as well as those after you, please use the inventory and equipment with the attention of a good host, as if it were yours.
  • At the time of using the apartment, you are obliged to maintain hygiene and cleanliness yourself, and to dispose of household waste yourself in a place determined by our local regulations on waste disposal.
  • On the day of arrival, please enter the facility only after 14:00. If possible, the host canallow earlier entry into the facility, but only at his discretion.
  • As a user of our facility, please leave it no later than 10:00 am on the day of departureat noon, a possible longer stay on the day of departure is possible only with the consent of the host and in the manner he determines.
  • Order and peace in the building as well as the immediate surroundings: hallways, terrace, yard, garden must be guaranteed from 22:00 to 08:00. Violations of order and peace (noise, clutter, noise), allow the host to deny you a stay to your detriment, as if you made that decision yourself.
  • It is not allowed to bring domestic animals into the facility without the permission of the host, the stay of domestic animals (dogs, cats, birds and others) can be allowed only by the host with payment according to the pre-offered price list.
  • During your stay in our facility, it is not allowed to visit or host other guests, except those who stay in our facility.
  • Please do not bring your appliances (refrigerators, fans, cookers, heaters), regarding your safety and possible non-adjustment to our installations, as well as inappropriate energy consumption.
  • Please do not take out of the apartments, rooms and houses, any inventory and equipment (towels, sheets, blankets, umbrellas), tables and chairs from the living room to the terrace or garden and do not expose them to sun and rain.
  • If you terminate your agreed stay earlier, for unjustified reasons, than the agreed or reserved date, you are obliged to pay for the stay as agreed and reserved.The price of the stay in the facility and the contracted services are charged according to the valid price list in advance.
  • Hand over your ID card or passport to the host immediately upon arrival, to register with the Tourist Office.
  • When leaving, you are obliged to invite the host to inspect the used facility, you are obliged to do any damage compensate on the spot.
  • If you plan longer absence, please, lock the rooms.
  • While the air conditioner is in operation all windows and the entrance door should be closed.
  • We ask each guest to write in the book of impressions that is in the facility, complaints and grievances that are not in the book impressions will not be appreciated.
  • If you are an agency guest or have paid in advance, you are required to present an invoice, voucher or other document of payment for accommodation to the host.
  • The renter is obliged to “write and issue an invoice” for the service provided as required by law.




This house rules are compiled according to general customs in tourism and according to general standards in tourism.


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