Official Webshop for Slovenian e-vignettes | E-vinjeta

Official Webshop for Slovenian e-vignettes | E-vinjeta

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What is an e-vignette?

An e-vignette is a modern toll payment method for motor vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3500 kg. The basic characteristics of the e-vignette are not very different from the classic vignette in the form of a sticker. This means that by purchasing the e-vignette, you get the right to use all motorways and expressways in the Republic of Slovenia for the e-vignette validity period and the toll is not paid based on the distance driven.

Vehicles without a valid e-vignette may not enter a toll road.

The e-vignette is linked to the vehicle registration plate number. When purchasing the e-vignette, you need to enter the correct registration plate number and country of your vehicle registration, and choose an e-vignette for the right toll class. If the registration number in the e-vignette system does not match the registration plate number of the vehicle driving on the motorway or expressway, the toll is not deemed to be paid. The customer is responsible for entering a correct registration plate number and selecting an appropriate toll class.

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